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World Wide Woodfire

Woodfiring has an age-old tradition in ceramics. The very first ceramics ever fired were done (probably accidently) in camp fires and rudimentary kilns thousands of years ago. Under woodfiring we now understand firing a brick kiln with wood as fuel.

This necessitates a a certain kiln contsruction type with sometimes several burning chambers and stoking ports for the feeding of the wood. Special knowledge of woodfiring is also necessary - which wood burns best? How long will a firing take? (It may actually be a matter of days or even weeks.) What firing cycles are necessary?

Woodfiring has a strong connection to Anagama firing. The Anagama kiln is a japanese style kiln fired with wood. The Woodfired Stoneware from Shigaraki pages offer woodfired ceramics by Shiho Kanzaki (Japan), Chester Nealie (Australia), Dick Lehman (USA), Karl Beamer (USA) and Peter Voulkos (USA). Voulkos fans can also see his work at the Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park. Jack Troy is another well-known American woodfiring ceramic artist, who spent some time in Australia where he conducted an Anagama style woodfiring.

A certain type of perhaps adventurous ceramist is necessary for woodfiring, which requires 'round the clock vigilance and attention. It is also the most exciting and exhilirating form of firing ceramics -not for nothing are ceramists sometimes called pyromaniacs!


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