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A Virtual Ceramics Museums Tour

The presence of ceramics on the Net have been growing rapidly over the last year or two. This also applies to museums dedicated to showing ceramic art. I'd like to show you some of the better ceramic museums I have been able to find on the Web.

American Ceramics at the Everson Museum is dedicated to American Ceramics and features over 45 artists. It has an interesting homepage design, with artists thumbnails presented as film strips. The images link to a page on the artist with larger picture and CV information. This is a good site for American ceramics.

Studio Ceramics at the National Museum of American Art features a number of American artists work, ranging from the traditional functional to the sculptural vessel. While the page design is not exciting, the content is worth having a look at, with 18 artists accessible from the homepage -in some cases with audio files.

A classic site is the White House Collection of Crafts, now located at the National Museum of American Art. This site features over 15 American Ceramic artists -another good site for contemporary American Ceramics.

The Museum of Ceramic Art at Alfred University is a site that features a 'Permanent Collection' that includes American, European and Asian ceramic art. There are also current exhibitions and links to previous exhibitions.

Museo Archeologico e della Ceramica di Montelupo is dedicated to archeological ceramics mainly from the 16th century onwards. While the site is in Italian and is lacking an English version, the images of ancient ceramics are intriguing, even for the non-italianate. If you are really interested in archeological ceramics, you might like to check out Prehistoric Ceramics at ArchNet.

[Some sites no longer available]

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