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Lead Toxicology
All about lead one of ceramic's hazardous ingredients.

Sculpture made with paperclay, by Australian ceramic artist Graham Hay.

Paperclay for the Ceramic Arts
A comprehensive site on the uses of paperclay, where to get it, tips and hints, etc. With works by ceramic artist Rosette Gault

Picol Passo's 'The Three Books of the Potters Art'
The first ever comprehensive treatise on Maiolica, written in 1557.

Pit Firing
The traditional technique of pit firing is an age-old but simple firing technique using combustible fuels, that you can try out in your own back yard.

Potter's Pavilion
Discussion group for wheel thrown and hand built pottery.

Project Aquagama
Clay, water, wind & fire - in my Aquagama Nisse Holmström introduces water into the firing-process by means of a system of channels running in the floor of the kiln-chamber.

Safety in the Studio
Working with hazardous machinery and materials, from Ceramics Today.

Space Ceramics
Ceramics are a field not only known to artists and hobbyists, but one that finds important applications in technical areas as well. Ceramic space materials need to withstand temperatures from -250 F in the cold of space to entry temperatures that reach up to 3,000 F, e.g.. during the current Mars Pathfinder mission.

Site created by Denis Caraty, a specialist in ceramics technology. Smart works for a french earthenware factory and is very knowledgeable in everything relating to his daily job, including glaze leaching problems. This a new site and it will improve with time, some of my pots and articles on toxicology are already posted there. (Édouard Bastarache, Québec, Canada).

Swedish Ceramics Institute (Industrial Ceramics)
English language industrial ceramics page in Sweden. Links to other industrial ceramics sites.

Toxic Materials Database
An explanation of ceramic toxic materials.

Translucency in ceramics is prized for its uniqueness, beauty and the technical difficulties involved. Usually translucency will be achieved by using a porcelain body or bone china, which will often be cast in a mold.

Virtual Ceramics
There is a new breed of ceramic artist emerging, namely the virtual ceramist - the ceramic artist delving into 'new technologies' such as 3D imaging and CAD/CAM. This new type of ceramics has been dubbed 'virtual ceramics' or 'cyberceramics.'

Watercolors on Porcelain
Not simply your traditional artists watercolors painted onto fine china! These color effects are achieved by applying highly toxic water-soluble metal salts onto unglazed porcelain.

WWW Virtual Library Technical Ceramics
Find anything and everything about technical & industrial ceramics here.


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