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The Glaze Page

Welcome to Ceramics Today Glaze Page. Contributions are requested to help to make this database grow. Please email your glaze recipes to !

Please note that glaze materials vary from one country to another and that all glazes need to be tested. Feldspars suitable for most of the glazes below are: Kingman Feldspar, Custer Feldspar (has 3% more SiO2) (Potash) and Kona F-4 (Soda).

Glaze components may not always add up to 100% due to modifications. If you are having trouble finding frits, please consult the Frits Substitution Chart or the Materials Analysis Page at The Matrix Glaze Calculation Software page.

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Disclaimer: It is the responsibility of anybody using the supplied glaze recipes to be informed of glaze dangers and to ensure the proper safety precautions are met when mixing and using glazes. In general glaze components marked 'toxic!' should not be used for tableware. Othert unmarked ingredients may be harmful to health on skin contact or if ingested. Frits may contain Lead Bisilicate. General safety precautions for ceramic materials apply. Contact a supplier, lecturer or professional if in doubt. Neither Ceramics Today nor its Guide Steven Goldate will bear any responsibility for incorrectly used glazes and/or ingredients, nor for any damages due to unexpected glaze results. All glazes should be tested before use.


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