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Potters' Pets

Your editor: Felix

Welcome to Potters' Pets. I'm Felix the Cat. I got a bit tired of my human taking the limelight all the time, so I decided to set up my own pages, for the things that count. (That's us.) So email your photos (up to 5) and any stories you have to tell about yourself or your human to and we'll get some pet action happening here! Oh and by the way, as you can see, I don't discriminate against dogs!

Felix Here are a few shots of yours truly, Felix.
Kellie Hi, I'm Kellie. And like some of you humans, I LOVE clay and do a bit of creative work with it myself every now and then...
The Schnoodle Melbourne, Australia artist Pamela Irving has a whole host of animals in her home and back yard...
Henry Spot Here is Henry Spot, busted in action.... he likes walking over his owner's pottery.
Alex and Milo HI! We are littermates Alex and Milo, keeping each other company while Shirley (http://www.potsnpixels.com )is out making pots.
Cody Meet Cody, THE best dog in the world (ever!).
Chelsea Meet Chelsea, a poodle mix from the pound. She'll be 13 in June, 2003. That's her there on the rock!
Oats Introducing the one, the only potter's pocket parrot, 'lil girl' (a.k.a. 'Oats'). (Felix - you keep your paws to yourself!)
Indy & Geezer, whose human is Pat Colyar, invite you to visit them and their friends Gritsy, Lo and others!
Mitzie =^..^= lives in Houston, Texas and bears an uncanny resemblance to the Editor (minus a couple of pounds). A long lost relative? Maybe even a twin? Certainly a soul mate.
Yo, Felix, here is a shot of me, Millie, in my glory trying to sniff out a cookie:} I live with my mommy and daddy who both love to play in clay. I sometimes stay with them in their studio for the whole day, but I especially like the days we fire the kiln. Every time daddy goes out to check it he throws the Frisbee for me. It's a great life.
Meet Emma and Danny. We're two terrier mutts who live with potter Cynthia Spencer.
My name is Maxwell Smart. I was two years old on January 17. My human Art and his partner, Bobbi had a great party for me.
Cliff was the skinniest kitten my vet had ever seen. I met her the day she arrived at the pound... after being found abandoned, alone in a field.
My name is Bunter and I'm the son and brother of prize winning Burmese. But I'm just a normal scamp that ended up with two humans who really love me - most of the time.
Dear Felix,
We had an unusual winter here in Asheville. Here I am with my dog, India. We are discussing the white stuff!
Hi, I'm Steffi. I live in Wilunga, Australia with my carers Damon & Lucinda Moon.
Meet Hamilton, the quiet and easy going Bouvier.

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