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Reid Schoonover

Clintonville, Wisconsin, USA
(currently under construction)


Four Jars

I often work in series by constructing a number of similar pieces, though no two are ever exactly alike. Much of my work is “hand-built,” meaning that the work is made or assembled from many parts. This hand-built work is usually very detailed. The “thrown” work, which is made on the potter’s wheel, is by contrast very plain and simple, both in form and in decoration, with the lids being somewhat more decorative. The lids are turned on my wood lathe and accented with other materials.

My interests and the inspiration for most of my work tend to come from just a few sources. I am very interested in archaeology and in all things ancient, particularly the Neolithic and Bronze Ages. Also, I have particular interests in architecture and our natural environment. How this translates I cannot exactly say other than it is a synthesis that manifests itself in and comes from the spirit within.


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