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'Cup 2003' - 3rd International Triennial Of Ceramics
Belgrade, December 27, 2003 - January 20, 2004

Deadline for submissions: 20 November 2003.
Application forms in pdf format are now available from http://www.beotel.yu/~ulupuds/solja.pdf


3rd International Triennial Of Ceramics
“Cup 2003”, Belgrade, December 27, 2003 – January 20, 2004

General information

1. The Third International Triennial of Ceramics “Cup 2003” will be held from December 27, 2003 to January 20, 2004, at the Cvijeta Zuzoric Art Pavillion, Mali Kalemegdan 1, Belgrade. Organized by the Serbian Association of Applied Arts Artists and Designers (ULUPUDS), Terazije 26/2, and curated by art critic and historian Gordana Biba Markovic, the exhibition will be held under the auspices of The Ministry of Culture of Serbia, The City of Belgrade and The Stari Grad Municipality.

2. ULUPUDS will issue personal invitations to domestic and foreign artists.

3. The Third Biennial will promote creativity by giving awards to the best works, some of which will subsequently be bought by museums, galleries and other organizations.

4. The International Jury for Awards will give four (4) awards:

  • The “Cup 2003” Grand Prix, entitling the winner to a one-person exhibition which will accompany the next Triennial in 2006.
  • Three (3) equal awards / honorary diplomas.
    In agreement with the prospective sponsors, ULUPUDS will introduce more awards.


5. Each author should submit the following:

Two (2) exhibits maximum, i.e. two cups that are unique pieces, signed by the author, blending the functional, aesthetic and decorative. The size/volume of the cup should not exceed 500 ml of liquid. All ceramic techniques will be considered except the cold one.

a) A completely filled-in application form; if hand-written it should be legible and in block letters; alternatively, it can be typed and signed by hand. [Editors note: an application form for download from this site has been requested from the organisor.]
b) A typed biography with all the relevant data and a brief description of the exhibits, containing their main technical and technological features.
c) Color photographs of the exhibit, size 13 x 18 cm

All the above-listed materials, including the exhibits, should be mailed prior to November 20, 2003 at the latest, to the address of the organizer of the exhibition:
Terazije 26/II
11 000 Beograd
Serbia and Montenegro
“Solja 2003”

Exhibits can also be sent to the PO Box 331, ULUPUDS, “Solja 2003”.
Artists from Serbia and Montenegro will be able to submit their works on November 3, 4 and 5, 2003, between 12 am – 7 pm at the Mala Galerija ULUPUDSa, Uzun Mirkova 12, Beograd.

Works that arrive after the specified date will not be considered for the exhibition.

6. Participation rates for The Third Triennial are as follows:

a) 500 dinars (NET) for domestic participants
b) 30 Euro (NET) for foreign participants

Euro payments should be made into the following account:
57:/499/08 081 761 00/888
59: BENEFICIARY…………………………………………….
NAME: ULUPUDS (07002572)
ADDRESS: Terazije 26/2 Beograd, SCG
Postal address: Srpskih vladara 11, Belgrade, SCG
Swift Code: JUBAYUBG

A receipt confirming the above payment should be enclosed with the entry/exhibits. Artists who do not submit proof of the above payment shall not be admitted to the exhibition.

7. The organizer bears no responsibility in case of damage or loss in transport prior to the arrival of works at the aforementioned address.

8. ULUPUDS will cover the insurance of works during the exhibition as well as of their return.

9. Any damage that might occur will be examined by a committee and the report will be sent to the author.

10. Given insurance costs, no exhibit whose worth exceeds $200 (USA) will be considered for the exhibition.

11. On receiving the works, the curator of the exhibition will select the exhibits and the international jury will decide on awards.

12. None of the chosen and exhibited works may be withdrawn from the exhibition before the closing date.

13. After the exhibition ULUPUDS will bear the cost of return delivery to the exhibitors who do not live in Serbia and Montenegro.
Artists from Serbia and Montenegro should collect their works on January 21, from the Cvijeta Zuzoric Art Pavillion. Mali Kalemegdan 1, from 11 am to 15 pm. After the above date the works will not be covered by insurance and the organizer will bear no responsibility for them.

14. Reproductions of the works will be used by the organizers for publicity and for the catalogue; the artists will waive their rights to a fee for the above.

15. Each exhibitor will be represented in the catalogue with one reproduction of the exhibited work and information relating to it.

16. Each exhibitor is entitled to one free catalogue.

17. All the sales of the exhibit will be done through the organizer. The organizer may invite other parties (museums, galleries, various institutions etc) to act as buyers.

18. The work that has been bought will remain on show until the end of the exhibition

19. By signing the application form for participating in the Third Triennial the author complies with all the above regulations. On the application form the author states whether his work is for sale, whether he wishes to donate it to the organizer (for ULUPUDS collection – legacy) or whether he wishes it to be returned to him.

20. For all additional information please contact via E-mail, in English or in Serbian, the curator of the exhibition, Gordana Biba Markovic at the following e-mail address: slobibi@infosky.net or slobibi@eunet.yu

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