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The International Ceramics Studio
Kecskemét, Hungary

About the International Ceramics Studio

The International Ceramics Studio (ICS) is a ceramic art center located in the town of Kecskemét, eighty kilometers south of the Hungarian capital, Budapest. The center was created over 25 years ago on the initiative of Hungarian artists who had felt culturally and ideologically isolated by the political system of that time. It was the wish for freedom and the desire to work alongside international artists that led to the founding of the center Since its establishment it has welcomed over 350 artists from all corners of the world, and boasts an impressive collection of over 3000 works of contemporary ceramics in its recently opened museum.

The mission of the studio is to promote the formal, aesthetic and technical development of ceramics and to help foster creative skills. The studio is open to all challenges of ceramic research, design and experiment. With this in mind the ICS offers modern facilities and kilns, ample studio space and technical support.

We provide artists with the space to create new works, experiment with innovative ideas, explore new directions in their work and research new and different ways of making. Artists are encouraged to explore all our facilities to open up new possibilities and directions for the contemporary ceramist. Resident artists are able to exchange ideas and experiences through presentations and informal discussion

Organized work programs

Alongside the artist-in-residence program the ICS organizes a series of thematic workshops, courses and events, led by internationally respected masters. Artists in residence may like to consider these programs when scheduling their residency time. It may be that some programs will be interesting or relevant to your work. Participation in some Organized workshop programs may require an additional participation fee. Please see the program pages on our website for information.

Artist-in-Residence Program

The artist-in-residence program is open to all artists who wish to work independently on their own pro|jects Artists may use the residency to accomplish a specific pro|ject or to work in a creative and supportive atmosphere alongside other international ceramic artists The luxury of time and the studio environment allows for intense periods of creativity free from the distractions of everyday pressures A valuable time where art and life become one - in perfect balance.

The ICS artist-in-residence program allows artists to work in the context of a different country and culture We have created, here in Kecskemét, a center of international cultural exchange, allowing artists to work alongside others from a variety of rich and culturally diverse backgrounds as well as local arts professionals and students.

On average the are up to ten artists in residence at the ICS at any one time There are plenty of opportunities to interact with the other artists but enough space to be quiet and reflective.

Further information and application forms are available from the Residency and International Contact at the studio Email mfo@icshu org.

Accommodation and studio facilities

Rooms are simply furnished with beds, desk, chairs, wardrobe and cupboard and supplied with clean bed-linen, pillows and towels. Accommodation may be in single or twin bedded rooms with shared facilities or we have a limited number of single en-suite rooms with their own shower and WC at a small supplement cost.

Artists have full of modern, fully equipped kitchens with large, shared refrigerators, cookers and microwave ovens. All cups, plates, cooking pots, saucepans and cutlery is provided. There are spacious lounges and dining rooms.

Studios are provided for single, double or larger shared workshop spaces. There is water in most studios, tables and chairs as you need and central heating. Artists have 24 hour access to the workshops. In addition to the clay studios we have a fully equipped plaster workshop for model and mould making.

We have a full silkscreen printing facility for direct and indirect print including vacuum print bed, photo exposure screen and pressure washer. Artists have access to computer design on both MAC and PC running Photoshop, Illustrator, Quark etc., flatbed and slide scanners and black and white laser or A3 color inkjet printers.

There is a fully equipped lecture and conference room with large screen TV, video and DVD and slide projectors. All resident artists are requested to give slide shows or lectures about their work to their fellow artists.

Our extensive library carries ceramic books and magazines as well as other art publications. There is computer broadband internet access and all residents can make use of this facility for browsing or email at a small cost.

Materials and equipment

There are slabrollers, electric and kick wheels, extruders, pugmills, ballmills etc. provided for artist’s use and we have 9 electric kilns of varying sizes, two gas kilns (firing to 1 400c for porcelain), 6 wood-fired kilns, two for salt or soda and raku kilns.

We stock a variety of clays including fine and grogged stonewares, white and colored 'Creaton' chamotte or smooth textured clays and two kinds of porcelain available as plastic clay or slip, one of extremely high quality, fine and translucent.

The Town of Kecskemét

The beautiful market town of Kecskemét is the county town of Bacs Kiskun and is situated in the center of the Great Hungarian Plain. Long known for its cultural life Kecskemét boasts many art collections and is the home of the Naive Art Museum, the Museum of Folk Art, the Toy Museum, Museum of Photography and the ICS Collection.

A quiet and relaxed city which has numerous cafes, bars and excellent restaurants, the town center is only a short five minute walk from the peaceful enclave of the studio.

The International Ceramics Studio is a non-profit making organization supported by Bacs Kiskun County (who founded the studio) and Kecskemét Town Council.

"It has been a great experience for us to be at the ICS and it even surpassed my expectation. You have created some fantastic frames for working with clay and the equipment is second to none. The place is, in its whole architecture, a visually inspiring place but most of all - and the really important - is the fantastic spirit of the place."
Heidi and Aage Birck (Denmark)

International Ceramics Studio
H6000 Kecskemét, Kdpolna u, IT, Hungary
teb -f 36 76 486867, fax: + 36 76 482223
WWW: www.icshu org
email: icshu@axelero.hu


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