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Book Review

Ceramic Form
by Peter Lane

Peter Lane's book Ceramic Form, Design and Decoration already was a classic before this revised edtition of 1998. In it, Lane looks at the origins and the evolution of pottery forms and explains relationships between form, function and decoration. Not only do aesthetic considerations influence the form of ceramic vessels (which the book largely deals with), but also physical constraints, such as balance and the limits of the material, so working methods and processes are also discussed.

Getting a sense for volume and capacity is important, but form is also influenced at least visually by color and decoration techniques, thus Lane discusses how the surface decoration can influence our perception of the form.

The author has included new sections in the back of the book, in the 'Traditions and Innovations' chapter, including a section on computer applications in ceramics. A final chapter consists of a very useful visual library of form silhouettes throughout the ages.

This book is illustrated in full color throughout, with images of work by contemporary ceramic artists from all over the world. It is very well done and will be useful for any ceramic artist and for the serious collector.

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