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6th International Ceramics Competition
Mino, Japan

The 6th International Ceramics Competition is being held in Mino, Japan in October 2002. Slide entries close on February 28th, 2002. The two main categories for entries are Ceramic Design and Ceramic Arts. No particular theme is specified, but it is to be expected that submitted work will be of the highest artistic and technical standard and that competition will be stiff.

Ceramic Design will cover ceramics made or designed for industrial production or small lot production. Ceramic Arts will cover studio pottery and any ceramics created primarily as artistic expression. 100 works will be chosen from all the entries submitted for each category. Authorized transportation agents are available all around the globe.

A Grand Prix of 3 million yen will be awarded in each category. A further two silver prizes of 1 million yen, five bronze awards of 500,000 yen and seven special Judge's Awards of 200,00 yen will be awarded.

Judges for the Ceramic Arts category include Kenji Kaneko (Japan), Kozo Kato (Japan), Sueharu Fukami (Japan), Carlos Carle (Italy), Cai Guo-Qiang (USA), Paul Greenhaigh (Canada) and Janet Mansfield (Australia). For Ceramic Design Shin Matsanuga (Japan), Motomi Kawakami (Japan), Fumi Kimura (Japan), Alan Chan (China), Nino Caruso (Italy), David Quensbury (UK) and Tapio Yli-Viikari (Finland) will be judging. Further information and entry forms can be obtained from the competition web site at http://www.icfmino.com/en/exhibition/6th.html.

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