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2nd Cheongju International Craft Competition
Breath of Nature

Cheongju City, Korea is the host for the 2nd Cheongju International Craft Competition, which will feature various craft categories -- ceramics, fiber, glass, metal, paper and wood.

The theme of the competition is "The Breath of Nature". Organizers hope that participants will feature works that reflect nature in harmony as well as its struggle with 'the five traditional elements' and its continuing transformation. These may be works that illuminate nature's perceived values while taking note of environmental problems arising from technological developments and the forces of industry today.

As an enticement there is a Grand Prize of US$ 20,000, 4 Gold Prizes of US$10,000 each, 5 Silver Prizes of US$ 2,000 each and 5 Bronze Prizes of US$ 1,000 each, as well as honorable mentions. Up to three works are allowed per entrant, with a maximum size in any dimension of 200 cm. For International participants there is no registration fee, nor a fee for return of works. Entrants are only responsible for getting their works to Korea.

The deadline for entry form submissions is July 21st, 2001. Works must be submitted to the committee by August 25th, with an opening ceremony happening in Cheongju on October 5th. The exhibition at the Cheongju Arts Center will be held from October 5th - October 21st.

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