Ceramic Sculpture in Europe


In ceramics one can broadly distinguish two distinct categories: 'functional' work, meaning such ceramics that can be used in the household (although there is plenty of one-off artistic work around that is in a sense functional but is meant to be purely decorative). Then there is 'ceramic sculpture', where the artist uses clay to express sculptural, artistic or socio-critical ideas.

In art institutions ceramic sculpture inhabits a peculiar place -the question coming from students and lecturers of scuplture departments often being "if you are making sculpture, why restrict yourself to a particular medium such as clay?" But you have to work with clay to appreciate its seductive properties.

Dorthy Wenz's colorful quirky sculptures reveal an interesting interpretation of the human body. Some earlier works -mainly just as colorful bottles- are also to be seen. Especially interesting is the transition Dorothy has made from the vessel to sculpture, as seen in the 'Objects' (from the series 'From Vessel to Sculpture'). (This is a German language site).

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