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Japanese Ceramics

Japanese ceramics have a tradition that date back centuries and have held a particular fascination for western potters and ceramic artists. Traditional japanese Raku-ware and Anagama-ware have been accepted by American and European potters and collectors alike. The tea bowl and tea ceremony have gained wide-spread interest. Japanese ceramics, some dating back hundreds of years, have also found their way onto the Net.

The Ceramics Society of Japan is a good starting point for information on contemporary Japanese ceramics. It includes the Journal of the Ceramics Society of Japan and a Japanese ceramics mailing list.

Another Japanese ceramics site is Kutani Pottery. This type of work dates back to the 17th century. This site, from the Houshi Museum, has information on a small number of well known Japanese potters woking in this tradition.

Shiho Kanzaki is a contemporary Japanese ceramic artist that works in the Shigaraki style. Anagama: Wood-fired Stoneware from Shigaraki is a site dedicated to the Japanese firting technique Anagama. Japanese artists can be seen here alongside works of westerners working in the anagama technique, including Peter Voulkos.

Makoto Hatori employs the austere and native forms of richly textured traditional Bizen pottery to create playful sculptural assemblages that reflects his environmental concerns. He works in Bizen tradition but has deveropment a contemporary language in sculptural works which links his own lineage with life today.

Saka Kouraizaemon XII stems from a long line of traditional Japanese masters and makes traditional Japanese pottery -- 'Hagi Yaki '.

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